Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Entrecard Ad Snappers and That Little Voice

Would you ever buy an ad at 500 EC? Personally, I wouldn’t. So as I watched the price to advertise on my site grow from 2EC to 500EC during my first three weeks with Entrecard. I just grinned at the price knowing no joker was going to snap it. After all 500 EC is more than an hour’s work. I was wrong, one joker did. No! I take that back. Mike's Blog Marketing Tips snapped it. “Ok! People take risks and that is how gains are made so don’t act like it is a big deal” I reminded myself and left it at that.

But you can count on me not to leave it at that for long. Blame it on this little voice that found residence in some hidden sanctum in my head which kept drumming on me to “Go make it worth the EC credits your advertiser paid for, idiot! Gains are made because someone makes it happen. Besides, it is the ethical thing to do”. My weakness! Spice your argument with the word ethical and I am silenced. I could go ahead and win the argument but I am gonna pay for it with bouts of insomnia. That would not be worth any EC.

I had to get more traffic to my site so as to generate more ad clicks. To do that, I needed to up scale my daily dropping from one hundred to the maximum three hundred. That was not enough. Like the crazy that I was, I went on ad buying spree. I was just new to Entrecard so I didn’t have ECs stockpiled that I could use for the purpose. I had to source out the ECs I needed. As to where and how, just go ahead and play the guessing game.

Again, just to calm that little voice, I worked out a generous “triple it” formula. If someone buys an ad from my site, say at 500 ec, I would make sure that on the day the ad runs, I would have 1500 worth of ads of my own running.

The formula worked. The result gagged the little voice. The advertiser is happy. The little voice is happy. I had a good sleep. But not for long. The ad snapping went like crazy and the ad price to my site soared. The price went to 2048 ec credits and the Serian Man snapped it. This raised the ad price to my site to a ridiculous 3,072 EC’s.

I immediately dumped the formula. If I stuck to it, it would have brought holes into my pocket. I limited my ad buying run to a reasonable distance. To temper that little voice, I decided to add the Serian Man to my link list. If that was not good enough and I hear a whimper, I could always drown the voice with a glass of gin tonic.