Monday, October 5, 2009

Make Your Blog's Content Sexy And TheTitle Hot

“What topic would I write about?” must be a question that many bloggers who have just entered the burgeoning blogging field, like myself, often have to ask themselves each time their blog calls for updating. For me, I always refer to the objectives I have set forth for my blog to get the answer. I have to make sure everything I write about must help translate results for what I want to accomplish with my blog.

Much as I am tempted to write about my steamy sexual escapades as I am sure it would earn for my blog hundreds of hits, I won’t. Hey! Sex sells. Why else would plenty of bloggers post pictures of almost naked women on their blogs that got nothing to do with their contents at all? I am no prude but if a scantily clad woman's photo is used in a post simply to attract male readers' attention, in my book that is exploitation. You might take a different view but that's my personal take on the matter.

Anyway, forget about that steamy escapade part, I was just kidding. I am not even going to write about my adorable kid no matter how wholesome that maybe. It is not because my wife has sternly warned me not mention anything about our private lives on the net which I would definitely not do anyway but such subject has got nothing to do with my blog’s purposes.

From one noob to another, and to anyone who wants to listen, I strongly advise that you consider finding yourself a niche in the world of blogging. I could not think of a more effective way of distinguishing yourself and cultivating readership than to concentrate on a specific topic or interest.

Now, if you have decided on a topic based on what your blog intends to achieve, remember to write it in way that it comes out sexy. Trim it of excesses that don't fit into your blog. That is not all. Your sexy content would not get attention unless it could jostle its way of up of the heap of millions of other contents seeking to be discovered. Give your content a hot title. That should enable it it to kick its way out to the top.Titles could often make or break contents. It is the title which likely readers who would find your entries through a search engine that would help them make up their mind whether to pay your page a visit or consider such visit a waste of their time.

Okey! Let me try and give this post a title so alluring, you could not resist reading it if only to prove that the idea of of a hot title really works. It should if you have read this far.


  1. Thanks for sharing bro! Great article :)

  2. Caption is really funny, and the article is really good. I often will tell my wife "This is going on the blog" and she often tells me "don't you dare put this on the blog"

  3. A very good tip! I love the way you have spiced it with humor and that noticeable feminist slant.

    Hey! If a good writer like Dragon Blogger says the article is really good, it is good.

    Keep it going

  4. establishing your presence definitely requires a niche. stick to the same subject matter and build your readership. occasionally veering off course with different material may be okay later in your blogging "career". good post.

  5. Good point in your last sentence - I DID read it through. Rather proves your point, doesn't it?!

  6. You make a valid point. How many nice contents out there are buried because their titles lack the fire.

    Good article!

  7. I agree with you. It's the title that takes me long to compose and often still miss.

    Good blog you got.

  8. It is the title that really calls my attention when skimming through blog contents. I fully agree with the points you have raised.

    By the way, I love the humor you inject into your contents.

  9. Ok, I'm the oddball, but I didn't read this because of the title. I actually didn't even see the title (I read the cartoon).

    I dropped by from doing a drop from someone who had dropped on me (did you get that?). I started to read your blog because the cartoon made me chuckle, I therefore assumed there might be some more 'funny' in the blog itself (there was). I kept reading the post because not only was it entertaining (I like your wit), but it made some very good points. Those good points are helpful for any endeavor (broad spectrum)...not just blogging.

    Great post! : D

  10. nice article... and lol for the pict...

  11. Another Blogger

    I hope you found the article helpful. Thanks

    Justin (Dragon Blogger)

    Thanks for the compliment. My wife often checks my blog just to make sure there is not even a hint of anything personal. LOL


    Glad you like it. That feminist slant was my wife's idea but I would have thought of it anyway even without her help. LOL Thnks again


    Boy! Am I glad you always take time to read my posts!


    Thanks! Abundant Living is a great title fr a blog I must say.


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    De Alfonso

    Thnks! You make the subject on farming interesting yourself.


    What do I say? If I am able to get a compliment from someone who maintains interesting blogs herself then I must be dong right. LOL


    A sports blogger? Wow, it is good to have so many mix of bloggers sharing me their thoughts.


    Note: I am currently making a list of all that left comments on my blog. I love to put you all on my link list. My way of Saying Thanks

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  12. OK, you got me reading till the last word :)

    Don't forget that although the title is hot, it should be supported with good content.

  13. Good comments! I have two blogs that I won't even visit any more because the nearly naked women have nothing to do with their content.

  14. Hot topic! Thanks for the tips!

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  15. I loved this post, a review of it will appear on on Oct 23rd. Hope you like it.

  16. CTV

    As the title of the article would suggest a sexy content and a hot title must co-exist. A hot title could only call notice to a content that is worth paying attention to.


    Yeah! I am lucky I am able to get intelligent comments on my posts. There is much that I am learning from all the shared thoughts.

    Unless more readers would turn away as you did from blogs that use naked women photos as a come on for their contents, said practice will continue to proliferate.

    Thanks for taking time to read the post.


    I am glad you like it. A review? Wow! I would love that. I look forward to it.

  17. Your right we do have to be careful in how we reference our lives. i tend to wear my life on my's so fun.

    Good post,

    Dorothy from grammology

  18. lol, I didn't even notice the title, it was the cartoon that caught my attention. :)

  19. yah.. finding a good topic to post in your blog is very difficult in my part..