Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes Virginia! Your Comments Tell Me You Are Indeed A Bitch

Bitch! That is precisely what one blogger called someone who left a comment, an inspirational thought, on his blog. Why should someone take offense on some words of wisdom? Should he not appreciate it instead? Ordinarily, I am sure he would have if only the one who left a comment showed some sign of wisdom. You see. The subject of the blog was on SEO. Clearly, on the blogging parlance, that comment was a spam. In fairness to the author of the blog, he asked the commenter politely not to spam his blog but rather than show some sign of respect and accede to his request, the commenter went back and left another spam comment instead. That is when the name calling started. His exact words, "Stop spamming my blog, bitch!'

It is interesting how comments we leave on blogs can say so much about us. The “bitch’ maintains a very popular blog on relationships. I used to read her blog until she torpedoed her credibility with that display of what I consider an act of arrogance and disrespect. That one comment she made betrayed that side of her so different from the image she exudes on her blog. And yes! She does spam a lot. I should know I spend plenty of time reading comments. Often, they can be more interesting than the blog being commented on.

Now, if you still do not think comments do say much about the person who makes it. Consider this one. “ I love pomegranates. Are they edible?” . That was a comment that someone left on a pomegranate photo post. Do tell me what you make of it.

Your thoughts are imprints of the person that you are. Next time you leave your thoughts in posterity on someone else blog, make sure it speaks well of you.


  1. I definitely agree with you, your thoughts does truly reflects your personality and so does your words. it speaks for yourself.

  2. The other day I went searching for something to do with a specific freelance writing company which lead me to a blog where I must have spent (honest to god) over an hour just reading down through the comments LOL! The post was a vicious (yet insightful) attack about that particular freelancing company (it definitely helped me make up my mind yeah or nay), but the best parts were the comments and the hashing and bashing back and forth LOL! Another hour lost just reading comments.

    So funny that as I visit via Entrecard and here you are posting about the very thing on my mind... why people don't make better use of their time and post decent replies... why some use blackhat programs to spam comments (as if we blog owners are totally stupid and don't know the difference)... and why anyone would want to get into an argument with someone when the blog owner has the ability to simply delete the comment.

    Ah well, you gave me the opportunity to ramble a bit, thanks!

  3. A good post about an ever increasing problem you face as your blog gains popularity. Your comments do reflect your mind set on the web. If you spam it shows a lack of respect for others work. Your comments should always be relevent to the topic of comment.
    I use Akismet on my wordpress blog and it helps quite a bit.
    Walt AKA All Sports on the Web

  4. I don't know who Virginia is. I think that's a good thing.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Hm... You guys should just probably resolve this among yourselves. No need to let people know and worsen things.

  6. I also agree, comments (like blogs and forums) are public -- people must be aware of this when they make statements through them. And they'll last (not just on the blog), so it's extra reason to spend a few extra seconds editing before hitting that "Post" button. That being said, sometimes people are just having a bad day/week/month/year, so we should try to give them a slightly wider berth (especially if we think they have something worthwhile to say otherwise). At the same time, blog owners have control over comments (to edit/delete/ban/etc.), so resorting to name calling is just not necessary, even when people are posting/saying something with think is dumb.
    As regards these dumb comments, maybe the person making them really doesn't know the answer. I know a number of people who don't even know what a pomegranate is, let alone if it's edible or not, but they're intelligent people -- they just don't happen to know anything about pomegranates. Perhaps you know the answer to this, but if I posted a photo of a Rambutan, would you know whether or not it was edible? Sure you could look it up, but I'd rather you post a comment and enage with my blog. I just don't believe people are so single-dimensional that we can pass quick judgment on them based on a comment or two, and we all have the capacity to make jackasses of ourselves from time to time. I know I'm guilty! :)

  7. I have 4 blogs and 3 of them don't need moderation. They are all personal blogs as well. I received a comment on 1 of my blogs saying that my entry was "crap" and it's on my kids blog and it's about my kids. What did I do? I didn't say anything, and I didn't go to his/her site.

    My 1 blog has a moderation section that if you're not a frequent commenter, I have to approve it and oh boy! lots of spammers, I just delete and hoping that they won't come back.

    When I go to my friends site and I see some bad comments, I want to say something to the commenter, but what would that prove? nothing,'re right, what you say would reflect your personality. And exchanging bad words with other people is just not time consuming, but..oh well..not good for the heart, lol.

    Great entry.

  8. Well said. I'm just now getting spam. I did a post the other day about a lost love (shrinky dinks) and a new love (starbucks insta-brews) and got all sorts of whack comments about honoring my comittments and "gods will". I was like "Huh?" I know there are bots that just spot key words and post to "relevant" posts but Really? why would you even want to be associated with that. I think you've said it well. Let your words speak who you really are.

  9. Gosh, I could never imagine saying anything like that to one of my readers! I do not really care what they had to say about me, but the one perk of writing online is it is supposed to give you a chance to stop and think instead of just blurting out inappropriate responses like that.

    At most I would delete the comment, but I honestly think that the most I would do is say something along the lines of "I agree to disagree! I can't agree with your comments, but you have your right to your own opinion." I guess I am just very used to being bashed and trying to always be the bigger person ;) Ha Ha!! :)
    p.s. I just found your blog through EntreCard and I love it! You got a great one here!

  10. I have discovered lots of interesting blogs because of interesting comments that owners of said blogs had left on other blogs. Interesting people usually make interesting comments and more often maintain interesting blogs.

  11. Indeed, comments are really interesting piece of study. You could have a fair idea of the personality of the commenter through his thoughts.

  12. I like reading the comments section on blog posts. You can find some very interesting new blogs that way.
    I may not always have a whole lot to say when I comment but I at least try to put some thought into it. If I don't agree with the post, I may or may not comment depending on wether or not I feel I can express my opinions in a valid way and be respectful to the author at the same time. After all I am just a guest there.

  13. I would never call my commenter a bitch even if it's spam.. I'll just delete the spam comment and move on. Not worth my time and effort to respond. :)

  14. Geez, if you don't like someone's comment how about you just don't post it? No need to take things personally or freak out. Just press that DELETE button.

  15. “I love pomegranates. Are they edible?” LOL! That was so funny I almost fell off my chair :D

    I read comments too and I have this habit of returning to the posts I've commented on to read the replies :)

  16. I agree. There was this blogger who left a comment on my blog who obviously did not understand the "theme and purpose" of my post. She called me "conceited" because I posted an article on how to look good in photographs , giving my own personal tips. She was claiming on her blog that she was a professional, but her words didn't claim so. I wrote her a personal message instead rectifying her and clearly explaining to her what the post really meant and it was not about me and I wasn't bragging about how I look good. She responded back again in the comment section, "I'm stupid and I have poor grammar."
    The blogger authors the popular blog, "The Ad Master" with that badge of a posterior (butt) .
    Her comments were really reflections of her personality.

  17. Zuveena

    I am glad you take the same position on the issue as I do.


    Indeed there is much to learn from comments. It is the reason why like you I spend much time going over them.

    I am delighted we were on the same wavelenght on this subject.

    Thanks for the visit.


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    Indeed! Respect is the operative word when making comments. Thanks

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    I am pleased to have you agree with me.

  18. Glen Paolo

    I wish you took time to read the post more carefully. The post is not about me engaging "war" with someone so there is nothing to settle as you put it.


    I agree with you that it is not acceptable to stoop so low as to start calling people names in comments. But even the most cultured of us can lose their temper sometimes when you deliberately treat them with disrespect.

    About the dumb comments, I can't see how
    someone can say she loves something she knows nothing about. But it is not really what we both think on the matter that matters but what people think of the commenter when they read his/her comments.



    "Let your words speak who you really are". I could not have said it any better. Thanks

    Moms of Four

    I still have to receive a mean comment but if I do, I would have it published because I know it says more of the commenter than it does to me.

    I would advise that you answer mean comments in a way that puts them in their place without having to go down to their level.



    That is true. I have been introduced to most of the great blogs in my reading list through comments their authors left on other blogs

  19. Miss Tina

    I know how words can hurt and I know that one person you hurt is one possible friend you have lost. So "being the bigger person" than the other as you say would be the right approach. But being bigger also calls on you to lift the "small" into to your level. How to do it is the difficult part.

    Thanks Miss Tina


    I know. It is one of my favorite ways of passing my time. LOL


    I have never called anyone a bitch myself. As to this blogger calling another one a bitch, I cannot pass judgment. He asked politely for the other to stop spamming his blog but the other persisted. When others slight you and treat you with disrespect and you just walk away what does that say of you? Anyway, the important thing is that we deal with situations that confront us in ways we know is best.


    That is a great way to put it. When we engage in a blog we must remember we are just guests and guests should treat their hosts with utmost respect.

  20. Rebecca

    I am not very familiar with it, but some blogs rely on spam filters to moderate their comments but often spams still get through so they get published. You could always delete it but by then some readers may have seen it and would have reacted so you have no choice but to react before even considering deleting it. Others would be able to explain this better but anyway the question of deleting is not the issue but what your comments say about you


    I did give out some sarcastic smile when I read it, to be honest.

    Yeah! I also go back to check the authors' reactions to comments I leave on blogs. I get frustrated when they don't respond to my comments at all but I also understand how frustrating it is to take sometime to respond to comments which would never be read.

    Thanks Nessa.


    I am pretty sure some quarters would damn me for publishing your comment unedited but this is a post on what comments say about the person making it so I published the comment as is. Except for the problem of outing someone which some people would think unethical, myself included, your story if true does support what we are saying.

  21. Thanks Blogging Friend---If it's not true, I would not have written another post just dealing with that comment. This is a link of my post dated, Feb. 5, 2009.

  22. That's why I like filters on comments. Makes this a moot point

  23. Wow, you gained the "bitch" as follower... good strategy :)

    Yup, i read the article with the comment, too, some weeks ago but i didn't know that you talked with your previous article about this specific action.

    Good luck for your blog and new interesting, sarcastic/ironic articles in the following weeks!

  24. Binkee

    Honestly, I believe you. It was the issue of outing I had a second thought of.


    It is not a filtering issue but what your comments say about you. That was the point of the post.


    Glad to see you here. So you have read that comment too. I was beginning to think I was the only one who came across it.

    Yeah! I have her for a follower. Isn't that surprising. :)

    I son't about being sarcastic nor ironic in my articles but you would see of more I promise

  25. Cornyman
    the last sentence should have read " I don't know about being sarcastic...